QM Coorpration Channel Wiki

Quenya McField Channel ( First era )

( May 18, 2013-June 28, 2013 )

Activision Television

June 29, 2013-July 1st, 2013

For a Very Short time Quenya McField Channel was renamed Activision Television

Quenya McField Channel ( Second Era )

July 2013-Present

Quenya McField Channel 5th Logo.png

Website Only

September 2, 2013-November 8, 2013

Quenya McField Logo.png

This logo is known as the "E of Entertainment".  and the E zooms into the viewer. what makes this logo speical is it incorpartes the 1990 E! Entertaiment logo in its disine.

QMC ( Unused )


QMC Logo.png

In 2013 Quenya McField Channel launched with a new look starting in 2013 It was gonna shorted it name to simply QMC . Many QMC fans recognize this logo and 2018 logo because of their unique designs that allow this logo and the 2018 logo to take on any shape, similar to the 1984-2009 logo designs used by Nickelodeon. The logo was designed by QM Coorpration.

Logo Variations

Dairy Queen

November 8, 2013-Present

Dairy Queen Logo.png